Monday, November 8, 2010

My dreams Part 2,

I want my wedding during the day, the atmosphere is very romantic and simple ...

I like the color white ... owh .. not .. I like the color maroon .... filled with fresh white roses..! I would not wear clothes that are too full.dress is simple enough ....

I want people and my friends,like and eat a lot of my wedding day ! meals do not have to pay so many of my friends have to eat full-fed ok? hahahhaha ....
 I want to have a comfortable car after my wedding! yeah !..... I want Camry .... Uhh ... maybe this is just a fantasy .....
 I want to house a medium level.The simple decor ... I like the atmosphere contemporary modern decor ... so I wanted to like it ....

 I will wear a tudung ..
Because then I have been satisfied and enjoy my life style! ahahhaa ....
 I want a cute boy ..... like me! hehehe .. maybe that time I was already 29 ... because I only plan to get married at the age of 27!
I would be a good mother ... I will learn to clean the house, because I do not know how to pack and fold the clothes !,,,,,,,,,

I envision all of this ....


  1. tang rumah hang aku leh tlong design kn..

  2. thx beb,,,aku nk yg lg snggih dari uma setiausaha sulit tuh...aku nk yg pling modern....hik3...

  3. and you lupe satu perkara.nanti you dah jarang dah tulis kat blog.kalau ade pon...tah ape la gaknyer cerite tuh pasal ape..

    1. Bende yang hebat itu berasal dari tempat yang hina
    2. Emosi Mistik Rock n Roll
    3. Kaki Belit Depan Masjid

  4. dah nak kawen ke eza? jangan lupe jemput eyeda ok?

  5. that sofa is really nice...!! i am lazy in folding clothes too....high 5

  6. woOW...jgn lupe jemput ye eza..
    hopefully ur dream will come true
    and become best wedding of the year~