Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Depavalee not lively like other festivals!

Why do I say that kind?? During holidays and Chinese new year was very lively indeed .... but depavalee not feel at all! Though not our celebration, but we are all a Malaysian! Stay 2 days longer for the people of India to celebrate. .. it looks at many stalls selling laddoo, saree, flowers, ... but its not the same excitement as h.raya, and the chinese new year!may also affect the number of Indian communities all this ... I still remember when I was working at the hotel! yup! is so fun because each time there is a big festival we will celebrate and the hotel decor will change! colored rice is sown in the hotel lobby form a pattern that was great! yeah! are beautiful! staff will be wearing a punjabi. as in India! Namaste! aahhahahahaa .... in the cafeteria would have chapatti, tosei, laddoo .... wow! very nice! so far I have only received an invitation open house in conjunction depavalee hrrmmm .... ... not like the two biggest celebrations! eat until want to die. . bcause very satisfied! hahahhahah ... owh ... I want to say HAPPY DEPAVALEE to all Hindu! throughout Malaysia and the world ...I hope this festival of light is more meaningful than ever!


  1. Agreed with you eza...even in shopping complexes also, you will see the difference...Just for christmas...a massive deco will be in:)

  2. Good one there Eza, yeah Deepavali should be definitely more than 2 days holiday celebration :p not because of the additional holiday but the food and the company... and the FOOD! :p