Saturday, September 14, 2013

After so long...

As salam guys,

Wow,a year I didn't blogging and I found many bloggers stopping by here and drop messages.Thank you so much!I really respect those who spending time to post entry at least once a day.I was thinking,blogging easy as A,B,C...The reality isn't easy!you must always focus and put 80-90% concentration just to make your blog alive(@,@) and many people visit.I wondering how you all get an idea to attract people to visit and hit the NUFFNANG's(sorry if wrong..haha) target to get the incentive.hehe..I was so excited when my friend told,that blogging really can earn money(I'mnotgreedyok)..haha.I starts with opening NUFFNANG account and post my 1st entry there.I remembered,1st week my blog running smoothly,and keep updating in small column(chat column)at NUFFNANG.very positive response so I decided to continue to the next entry.However,after several months..I totally have no idea what to post.haha.Some says,don't expose everything here,when you do so,that's mean you let everybody in this world reading your daily diary.haaha. it's not secret anymore,unless you willing to.Actually,it depends what you want to share.many things you can share not only personal matter to be exposed here.right?happy blogging guys!