Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 secrets about men and women that we did not notice!

1) males only takes less than 15 minutes to shower than women who took more than that. 
2) the current average salary of women is longer than men. 
3) the majority of men have a high percentage to have senile when old.
 4) women will not see the price when buying goods. they will only see the price tag when making payment. 
5) most men would be stimulating when he saw a woman's body. 
6) most women do not know how to open a car tire when the tire punctures. they will phone bf / husband to ask for help. 
7) many men actually like the color pink, but because their ego will say that they hate pink. 
8) women are more likely to tell their life with the bf / husband to her friends, than a man with more secrets to keep their lives together with gf / wife. 
9) men also have dandruff. 
10) women is taboo when men criticize their lipstick is too bright or not they wear clothes that fit. women will continue to think and ask the opinion of other women.

So, true or not what I deduce? think lah .... hahahaha!


  1. err..i also dunno how to open the tyre..

  2. 85% true :) and pink is a nice color really. *grin!

  3. The tyre part made me laugh hilariously eza...Like this post a lot:)

  4. no.7: well, i'm not a big fan of pink, but, that is so true!!;-P

  5. tipu..aku suke kot pakai warne pink..ko tak perasan aku ke weh??^__^

    1.Lupe Sampai Tak Ingat 

  6. babe!
    i dunt agree with number 1.
    my hubby gets his shower more than 15 minutes.
    an average of 20 to 30 minutes, which mengalahkan aku yang kurang 15 minit.

  7. cadlyn:me too..i oso dunno how to open the tyre :)
    alvin:u got it rite???hahaha
    eyeda:thx dear....hehehe..
    sandraazwan:huhhhu....luv it!
    fahmie:erk....yela..i pena nampak..
    chenta:hahhahahaa..lame nyer hang nyer laki mandi....buleh dpt award tuh...hik2..