Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Test plate flaking dandruff, Head and Shoulder useful or just to pull the attention?

I've tried the black plate ..did not have any effect..when I see ads on TV really excited to try .I tried Head and Shoulder (H & S) for a few months ago I think I have dandruff scalp ... maybe it was not good plate or may not be directly useful,users often fooled when you see ads that are very exciting on TV ....but we do not know if it is true or not...congratulations to the H & S has successfully made many people excited and buy your product!Your strategy successfully ......I have gathered four plates now ....for the collection! ahahahahaha ..
  although I was disappointed with the test that I had, but the plate looks beautiful!


  1. yeah me too.. i prefer clear for men. ur head feel fresh after using it. it has some sort of a mint thing in it.